We are a group of like-minded mental health professionals with a common commitment to high quality brief and effective treatments for mental health problems. We share an emphasis on action-oriented treatments and favor methods which have been proven effective in clinical research.

A number of our staff are active in research, clinical supervision & clinician training. We provide on-site training for physicians and staff for managing their patients’ behavioral health problems at the primary care level. In addition, we train & supervise mental health professionals in evidence-based treatments, and offer continuing education to professional and speakers on mental health topics to interested organizations.


We seek practical solutions. We measure our results. We favor active short-term care, and value the role of therapist as coach or consultant. We believe in enhancing our clients’ lives by providing quality care based on our own curiosity, pursuit of personal excellence and balance in living, a thirst for continuous learning and passion for living fully. We seek out experiences in our own lives to be students as well as teachers, to add to our own learning and life experiences, and to build our capacity for compassion and awareness. We research our hunches about what might be helpful, are open to new developments in clinical care and apply what we learn from our clinical and life experiences to our clients. We aim for a climate of collaboration and respect and we value feedback.